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Many times when people hear the word cheap they immediatly think low quality however, when it comes to car insurance cheap simply means low price.  Most insurance companies these days pretty much provide the same type of coverages for roughly the same general rates. The primary reason for the difference in price is based on the type of customers each specific insurance company is looking to do business with.  Some companies want drivers with no tickets and no accidents while other companies want drivers with 1-2 tickets and others even higher risk factors.  The companies that don't want the high risk customers are going to charge a higher rate and the companies that want the high risk drivers are going to offer a lower rate.  The only way to figure out which company is best for you and find cheap car insurance is by getting multiple quotes and seeing who has the best price for you. 

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One of the fastest ways to start saving money on auto insurance is by getting several auto insurance quotes from different companies. You may even want to get a new quote from your existing company. You can use our free service to compare rates online and get an unbiased comparison. If you haven't compared insurance prices lately you may be in for a big surprise, especially if you own a new car. New cars today are built to be safer than ever before, impact absorbing chassis, automatic seat belts, side-impact door beams and airbags all offer substantial discounts.  Auto insurance companies take these factors into account when determining the car insurance rates they charge.

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